Friday, August 9, 2013

My Trip : Part 2 (Picture Heavy)

Hello Lovelies~

 Part 2 of my vacation and if you thought I took a lot of pictures in my last post, You haven't seen anything yet. Sadly, I don't have most of the pictures from that day, but only the important ones will go here, so as to keep ya'll attention and not over load your poor computers...or mine for that matter. ^_^

Make up before the day started. Light natural eyes and bright pink lips. I used the 'Tarte' lip color that changes depending on your person PH balance. It you haven't tried it, it recommend it! It usually turns a Strawberry Rose color on me, but it changes to a Ice Pink on my mum. It's an awesome lip color.

Metro!! The small train ride from the first day at the air port was nothing compared to my excitement at actually getting to 'Ride the Rails'. I wish I lived in a place that had a metro system. I love trains.

Above is the day pass my friend got me and below is the map of the metro system and the trains we rode.

           We got on at the blue line. Switched to the yellow line, then to the Red Line.

A picture of the train we rode. It was very cool to see all of the different people who rode the Metro. From the fashionable to the rushing off to work set, the metro was a great place to people watch.

 I took this before I was informed I was not allowed to take pictures at this particular station, but I got to take lots more pictures of the walls and ceilings, which are amazing! (Please refer back to my post Lighting and Detail work from D.C.  to see these pictures )

                                                A far away picture of the White House

                    A far away picture of the Washington Monument under construction.

The entrance to the National History Museum. The Elephant is pretty spectacular, I must say.

 Kelly and I hit the gift shop before we saw any of the exhibits. Just incase we forgot by the end of our excitement. Which happened, because we forgot to go back and get anything ^^;

The panda ears were SO cute! But at $12.99 a set, I thought I could make a set for less.

This was one of the Jelly Fish sculptures.

Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish

Largest Shark jaws ever!

Best part of my trip right here!


o.o....Yes. This really was amazing. I never ever grew out of my Dinosaur phase as a child. I do to the 'Walking with Dinosaurs' exhibit ever time it's in town. I even have a stuffed Triceratops named Midori.

Anyways. Pictures. All taken with my Cell phone by the way ^_^

From the 'Unlocking the Human Genome' exhibit. I love the shine of the light. The yellow marks are supposed to be genetic code. It was beautiful to see.

I also saw the Hope collection. It was stunning! Amazing! Breath Taking! But my phone couldn't get any pictures due to the lighting.

Chinese D&D it was pretty cool to see.

The entrance to China Town in D.C. But sadly....this was the most exciting part of the experience. It was a bunch of restaurants and no shopping what so ever.

But I really liked this gate. It was very cool!

 Stay tuned for Day 2 part 2. I swear, this was a long day! It was awesome though.

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