Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's time for a little Inspiration!

Hello Lovelies~

 It's been to long since my last Inspirational photo post, so here we go. As pre usual, the photos you see here we all found on (I love this site. I don't know why....but It's like my crack)

       I want these shoes so bad! They make me long for September. Cooler weather, but not to cold for peep toes and open weave lace cages. I can see pairing these with a light weight knit shawl and warm caramel colored hair.

How cute are these bunnies?! The cupcake look edible as well, but those bunnies are adorable! As I look at them I wonder if they are Marshmallow or Marzipan....but either way this picture make me want to make my food a lot more cute.                                                                                                

         This picture inspires me to smile. The cup is so cute and I love Tulips.

How amazing are these bows? I wish I could see the whole shoe they belong to. The tiny hint of white pokadots on yellow match with the white and dusty salmon pink inspires me to not be so timid with my color choices and outfit planning. Bold is going to be my new favorite word! I can't wait to mix a bit of Bold in with my Lolita.

Baby pink is so over. It's all about the light roses, dusty pinks, and warm classic colors for me. Not that I don't still love light pink, it's one of my favorite colors. But I'm so pleased to see classic colors coming back into fashion. Muted colors remind me of vintage photographs and romantic movies.

  These Necklaces!!!!! I'm not an X-Box girl, I'm a Nintendo girl myself, but I need one of these! 

               How pretty is this Latte art? I don't drink Coffee, but I find the art stunning.

So this is what I'm finding inspiring this month. I hope you find a little inspiration from these wonderful pictures. What are you being inspired by this month?

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