Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting Ready to Travel

Hello Lovelies~

    It's summer! The sun is blazing hot, the days are long, and the only thing that you want to do is stay inside and try not to melt like a popsicle. But about this time in an anime is when the best friend pops up and drags the main character off to the beach for some good fun in the sun and ramune!

Life isn't like an anime all the time, but I feel like I'm in one right now. My best friend invited me out to spend a week with her in Washington D.C. . She even booked a hotel near the beach a few hours from her house so we can enjoy a weekend by the water.

 I am so excited! But planning the trip is the easy part. Now is time to pack and get ready!

So for the next week, starting Tuesday, I will be posting pictures, and updating my facebook and Twitter a lot more than I regularly do.

 I may even post that craft tutorial you have all been asking for ^_~*

So make sure to check back or follow me on Facebook to keep up with my awesome beach trip ^_^

 I can be found under my name on Facebook (Kathleen Sweitzer) and Twitter under AngelShinigami .

So now I need to pack and make sure I don't forget anything important. >.>.....


1 comment:

JeneeNicole said...

OMG, how have I NOT added you to Twitter yet? Have a wonderful time!!! If you happen to see a totally cool looking post card that screams at you, "Jenee wants you to mail me to her!!!!" then I won't cry about it. :D I head out on my yearly pilgrimage to our MotherLand on Wednesday so I will be traveling very soon.


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