Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Design an Outfit for Under $100 : Mermaid Theme

Hello Lovelies~

 A few months back I did a 'Outfit for under $100' post. I really enjoyed that post and for a while now I have been debating on doing another. So here it is, my next exciting 'Under $100' post!

With the re-release of 'The Little Mermaid' in theaters this fall, it seems that were once Unicorns were the Must Have hot trend in Mythical Creatures, now Mermaids are swimming in to take their place. Wearable swimming Mermaid tails a popping up all over the place and one doesn't need a beach to feel like a mermaid these days as long as you have a pool close by.

  I have loved mermaids since I was tiny. They have always fascinated me and 'The Little Mermaid' was watched so much in my house that I wore out my VHS and my mum had to get a second copy.

To say I was excited to scour my favorite handmade site for mermaid related items is a bit of an understatement. I really just had to go though my favorites and pick a few of my top items to share. ^_^

First, let's start with the main piece, it'll be what most see first and really sets the tone for this outfit. The last time I did something fancy. An outfit that could be worn to a party or out to a beautiful dinner, but this time I went more casual. A 'Dress me up, Dress me down' type outfit that can fit anyone's taste.

This shirt is from the Etsy shop owner ' Em & Sprout '.  I own the Kawaii Unicorn shirt from them and it's a grat shirt, so I would order from them again and Recommend them to anyone looking for a comfy cute Tee.

 This one is priced at $18.00 for 1X or 2X.

How cute is this hair clip? At $25, it's a bit pricy for what it is. But when you think about the time and effort it took to make this lovely hair piece, I can understand.

 This is made by the Etsy shop, 'CutieDynamite'. She has other interesting hair pieces that I would recommend for various different outfits if one were inclined to check them out.

Made by the Etsy shop, ' Blacktulipshop ', these earrings add a flirty fun element that can't be passed up for $7.

For those of us who don't think hinting at a theme is good enough. This necklace states it as bold as could be. 'Poison Tragic' made a very cute Laser cut Acrylic label necklace. I like the color. It's a frosty ice blue that speaks to me of the water.

$10 and one of these cute necklaces will add a bold statement as to the mythical creature what dwells in your heart.

What outfit is complete without a stunning set of nails?  These show stoppers are done by the Talented ' Lhouraii ', who can be found on Etsy under the same shop name. I've seen nails like this cost as much as $70 before, but at $28.35, these are a steal!

Now these nails aren't for everyone. They're a bit long. A bit claw like. Very me, but not for all, so I found a style that is a bit more tame. And can be done yourself on your own nails.

 I found this on Pinterest. It's not my tutorial and I don't own it. But I've done it before and it's so cool!

It reminds me of mermaid scales and beach waves. For a mermaid look, change the hot pink to a sea green color.

 Now I didn't include a skirt with this outfit because partly I couldn't find one anywhere I liked, on Etsy or other wise, but then I thought, Why not make the skirt yourself?

We've all seen the Tulle Tutu skirts that are all the rage and if you've looked into making them, they are actually quite cheap and easy to do. But what if you replaced the Tulle with Chiffon?

 My good friend Violet LeBeaux, who writes the blog 'Violet LeBeaux - Tales of Ingenue', did a tutorial on a Tulle Tutu skirt which I think would be easy to convert to a Chiffon material.

How to make a Tulle Tutu by Violet LeBeaux

 So let's add it all up...

Shirt        -- $18
Hair Clip --$25
Earrings  --$7
Nails      -- $28.35
Necklace --$10

Total --- $ 88.35

YAY!!!  I made an outfit for under $100!!!

This leaves enough left over to make or buy a skirt you like that would complete this look.

 I hope you enjoyed this Outfit! maybe I'll do another one soon. I had so much fun putting this together!


Sasa-chan said...

You forgot the necklace... It's 88$. :<
Super pretty though. I like the nails a lot and I'd probably wear them, if only they didn't look so... deadly... Haha, I usually try to keep my deadly and my glittery seperated. xD

AngelShinigami said...

Thanks for catching the necklace! Sasa-chan! Sometimes I go over something so carefully and catch everything but the biggest oversight.


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