Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrid star to the right and....

Who doesn't love a good Fairy Tale? Cinderella, Snow White,Sleeping Beauty,  Princess and the Pea, there are others, but each of these fairy tales have been turned into Brand Prints in this past year. (May '10 - May '11).

 But now we have a new Print to add to this wonderful list. .........Introducing.......Peter Pan!!!!

Ok, so it's techincally Tinker Bell, but still...it's in the same story.

  'Night Fairy Fantaisia' is the latest print in the Alice and the Priates/Baby the Stars Shine Bright line up.  It comes in four diffrent colors, the Tan and Ivory color above is called 'Cloudy Sky'.

The above pair of super cute frilly Overalls is represented in the colors of Green and Off White. This colors is called 'Dreamy Planet'.

The JSK above called, 'Milky Way'. And it is shown in Navy and Navy.

'Starry Night' is a Black on Black design, though it is shown here in Black and Pink. I love this coloring.

 This line is on Pre-Reservation right now and the lovely clothes will be joined with....

A Double Side Bow.

A School Bag. This bag is big enough for school text books.

A pair of printed Socks.

A Necklace.

And a Hair Berret!!

I love this series! I hope to reserve the School Bag myself.

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VictorianKitty said...

Very cute!! I love the black and pink, too. :)


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