Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring purse and a Small tutorial how to

Hello Lovelies~

 This Easter was tight, not 'tight' in the cool way, 'tight' as in financially. So to save on the baskets and candy and everything else, (Which I later got on sale for 70% off ^_~ ), I made myself an Easter/May Day Purse. Something I could carry all summer! And I made it for less than $10.

Firstly, I went to my local thrift shop and went straight to their purse section. One never knows what kind of treasures they cane find there and low and behold, I struck gold!

Look how awesome this tote is? There is nothing wrong with it, and I got it for $1.55! I was so excited to add this to my growing straw bag collection. It was the perfect canvas to be creative with.

 So I looked around my house and found an old bunch of on the stem fake roses and I snipped the off, then hot glued them in the shape I wanted. As shown below...

I thought I was finished, but when I stepped back from it, it looked.....odd....

It needed more, so off to my local craft store I went and I got 5 inches of a pretty material and matching thread for about $5 and preceded to cut it into three pieces, One for the bow, one for the middle of the bow, and one piece for the long ribbon tails, Then I over lock stitched everything and tacked it in place with a few well placed stitches.

 This was the outcome!

Not the greatest pictures, but I'll have a shot of it actually carried with an outfit soon. I hope all of you had  great holidays!

 So to recap!!!

 1) Good purse = $1.55
 2) Bunch of roses and hot glue = (Free as I already owned them, but for the purpose of calculations...) about $3 total
 3) 5 inches of fabric and thread = $5


 So my total comes to.....$9.55!

Less than $10!

And to top it all off, I had a lot of fun!

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Kim S. said...

It's cute ^_^ Well done.


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