Thursday, January 6, 2011

Product Review!

Hello Lovelies~

 I thought I'd start out the New Year strong and rather than tell you all of my resolutions like most, I've decided to do a Product Review!

I went out shopping on New Years Day, it was more like I went to Walmart and saw that Sally's Health and Beauty was open along the way, but shopping none the less. Sally's was having a 50% and More off select items sale and I couldn't help myself, I needed to know what they were selling for such great deals.

 I was disappointed to find that the sale was off the really top shelf items, but they had some awesome coupons for buy one get one off of Chine Glaze and assorted nails decorations sheets, which I'll post about later. This post is about the .99 cent conditioner packets at the counter that promised silk like luxury and increased moisture for dry hair.

The product is called 'Silk Elements' and it says it makes hair as 'Soft and Smooth as Silk'. 

I have dry hair and have tried tons of products promising smoothness that lasts into the next day, most which never work, but seeing as it was only .99 cents, I got two, just for fun and finally tried them out last night.

 As per the directions, I washed my hair, then towel dried it until it was still lightly damp. I then applied the packet, it said to use a quarter sized amount, then add extra to the ends if needed, but my hair falls past my waist, so I ended up using the whole thing.

I waited the allotted 3-5 minuets, then waited 10 minuets longer because I forgot about what I was doing ^^;

 I then rinsed my hair out and separated it, folding it into thirds and clipping it in place until it dried, like so...

Fast forward three hours and I was finally able to take pictures of the final results before I put it up again to go to bed.

 These are the results and my final thoughts.

I ~Loved~ the end result! It's so soft and even the next day it's still soft!!...though it's not smooth. It's frizzy in places, but the curls are still intact and for my .99 cent investment I'm extremely pleased. I am very willing to buy a full bottle of this when I go shopping next, I like it that much.

 I have one packet left, so I'm going to use it tomorrow so my hair looks awesome for running errands.

Everyone Enjoy the New Year and don't forget to bring Beauty into your lives!

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Den (And Terpsichore!) said...

Next time I'm up to visit, we should go get more polish and whatnot... :3 and yay for something that works the way it claims to!


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