Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time for Tea

Hello Lovelies~

 Do you find yourself falling into a Tea rut? Always drinking the same thing over and over again until you can't distinguish one evening from the next? I have recently found myself in this spiral of monotony and have decided to break it!

I drink tea every evening, or I'm trying to at least. I drink tons of soda and juices though the day and have found that a warm cup of tea in a pretty cup is the best way to relax! But since I started drinking tea, I've only ever been drawn to black teas like Earl Grey, Lady Grey, and English Breakfast, all wonderful full bodied teas, but not great for bed and relaxation.

 So to change it up for the new year, I have invested in new tastes and have found myself so very very pleased with the results. Today I'd like to share the 'Tangerine Orange Zinger' Flavor I've fallen in love with.

As you can see, it's from 'Celestial', so it's available at any local supermarket and isn't specialized. When you drop the little bag of tea into the hot water, you get a warm burst of Orange, which is good because that's what it's supposed to smell like.

 Only let this tea brew for about 5 minuets, any longer and it's to strong, and less and you can't taste the beauty you smell.

When you open the pot to take the bag out, you'll see that the tea has turned out a vibrant rose color, which is so pretty! When I first saw it I was shocked and so happy! I love pink tea ^_^

 Then stir and and sugar to taste. This is already a sweeter tea, if you're like me and can add five spoons of sugar to black tea and still thinks it needs more, hold off and go slow with the sweetness until you find the right combination for you. I take this tea with a table spoon of sugar, but I love my tea sweet.

On a side note,  I tried adding milk once, just to see and taste the results and my advise is, Don't. Just don't.

                                                                    Bonus picture!

This is my favorite tea cup! I found it in an antique shop on my way back from a convention last year and have used it every tea time since ^_^

What kind of teas are you drinking this year? Is anyone trying new things?


Jen said...

Small comment on the adding milk to the tea: Citrus curdles dairy, which is kind of gross. Do you normally add milk to your Earl Grey? Because it has bergamot in it, with is also citrus.

Nikki said...

I have tried a lot of Celestial teas but not the orange zinger yet. I shall defiantly have to try it. If you are looking for something relaxing at the end of the day I highly recommended their tea called Sleepy Time, it's my absolute favorite tea every (earl grey is a very close second)

AngelShinigami said...

Actually I don't like milk in my tea. I don't like the creamy taste it adds. But I didn't know that bit about the Citus, thank you ^_^

realityhelix said...

The Celestial Zingers are all quite good. Try not to add milk or cream to true citrus flavored teas as...well you know the results.

Milk goes well with Earl Grey because Bergamot is not a true citrus. The flavor comes from the leaves of the Bee Balm or Bergamot plant. They are handsome plants and easy to grow. You can put one in a good sized container and make fresh Earl Grey anytime you want!


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