Friday, January 14, 2011

Metamorphose Spotlight!

Spring has Sprung! ...Or at least the Brands are getting ready for it to. Spring prints are already on reserve, to be ready and shipped out by early March.

While looking about the brand sites to get a feel for where each designing house is going in the new year, I found the lovely new print from Meta and must say, I am very much looking forward to spring if this is what they are already showing the world!

 Introducing The Royal Rose Print! 

                                                              In Black


                                                               And White

This print is beautiful. A classic feel with the roses and deeper colors, while at the same time adding playfulness and richness though the jewelry and lace twined and twisted throughout. The bows add a touch of sweetness and give the print the ability to span the wardrobe.

 If you're a Classic Lolita, or Sweet, this is perfect for you.  It's also a great piece for those of you that want to play with the Hime side of things. It lends itself to being a true go to garment for any occasion.

This is the OP is Black, though when you order it, the flower and the upper right shoulder will be black. I like the triple flounce for the skirt and the square neckline, it give a playfully mature feel to the piece.

Next we have the Jumperskirt in Bordeaux. Unlike the OP, the JSK has Chiffon trim around the layers of the skirt, something I think adds to it's charm. The draw back of this piece is the top. I'm not to keen on the definition of the chest area, also done in Chiffon. It makes this piece limited to those with a smaller chest size. I don't think it would look good one anyone over a B cup.

 On the other hand, if anyone wanted to play with the Hime Gyrau look, this would a great piece that would let you play with that look, but return to Lolita when you wanted to.

Another great feature of this dress is the back. Simple, Mature, Very well done for the Lolita who has no defined style.

They do not have a Sample up for this dress yet, so I am holding back judgment until I see it completed.

 As for Accessories, this line will support a Half Bonnet...

A Head Bow...

And smaller hair bows on combs...

My favorite part of these tiny bows are the pearls. I think they are so adorable!

 Another Win for Meta in my opinion.

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