Sunday, January 9, 2011

Price vs. Priceless

I don't do it as much as I should, but I happened to be browsing though EGL on LiveJournal and saw THIS post talking about the amount of money spent on Lolita clothing and what the girls of the community thought and how they felt.

 I didn't feel like posting when I fist read it, but it stayed with me all night and I knew I had to comment in someway.

How do I feel about the money spent on Lolita and is it to much? Has it changed the way I buy clothes?

 YES! Holy god, Yes! I think as a combined group, if we invested even half of the money we spent on clothes into research, we would've cured Cancer by now. It's insane how much one Brand dress costs, not including shipping, customs, and maybe the shopping service fee depending on how you acquired your new addition.

I am constantly walking though the mall or my local Walmart thinking, 'ew....I wouldn't spend five dollars on that, let alone twenty.' I'm am so picky and discriminatory. I check the seams, read the labels of my clothes...I figure if I have to pay that price for something that isn't Brand, I want it to last.

So yes, my views have changed. I would never go out and buy a purse just because it was a Mark Jacobs or Ralph Lauren, but others feel the same way about my clothing choices. So to each their own.

 But the big question is not whether the money is 'to much' or if my shopping habits have changed. The question is, 'Is it worth it?' and to that I must say Yes.

Every piece I buy, Every piece I make, each and every addition makes my heart sing with joy. I can't put a price on that feeling. So no matter what I spend, the end result is the same. I'm happy.

 I hope you are equally happy with your style choices and wardrobes. I hope that each item you gather and hold close is something to treasure, from the smallest bow to the most adorable set of Tea Parties!


realityhelix said...

I think I've been incredibly lucky as beginners go. I have a sister who has been jiving to dress me up for ages, and I've tripped facefirst into one of a kind deals. I don't think this luck will continue. Eventually, I will want to buy an expensive dress. But I'll be doing it with my own money, and I know that every time I wear that dress, every time I so much as look at it, I can be proud to know that I earned that dress.

That's how I see it.

AngelShinigami said...

That's a great way to see it ^_^ I'm really proud of you and your journey into Lolita so far.


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