Sunday, July 4, 2010

Innconet World Spotlight!

Happy 4th or July my Lovelies!

I am planning a meet up for later this month and am wanting something new to wear to it. So with excitement I found the perfect fabric, just the right lace, raced home, pulled it out and thought to myself, 'What do I want the end look to be?', and that made me pause.

What did I want the end look to be?

The thought required research into what the Brands were doing, Brand is a great starting point for inspiration, and for the fabric I chose, I thought IW would get my creativity going with the right vintage feel, and what I saw....well I just had to share it with all of you.

Isn't it stunning? It is called 'Alphabet Rose' and it stole my heart.

The pattern is hard to see on the pink background, but it is a light rose design with scrolled letters scattered about, almost randomly.

Here is the dress on it's own. I am not impressed with the pink, but the green is truly eye catching.

This dress is being offered in both colors, in both lengths. Personally, I like the Maxi length in the green, but the short traditional length is alluring as well. I feel like Innocent World has hit this one out of the park!

One of the great features of this dress is the top...

Not only is this a halter dress, IW has made the straps adjustable and convertible so it can be worn as a traditional Jumper if one so desired. How wonderful it that?

As with most dresses I consider buying, this is a shirred dress, though it is only partially shirred and has corset lacing in the back for an added princess effect.

Detail pictures of the pattern, in Pink and Green respectively. On the Reserve page, it is said that this dress also comes in a Milk Tea/Cream color, but they had no pictures of it, so I am unclear on how the colors compare.

This design is currently on Reserve and with any luck, I'll have the money to order one for myself. The only trouble will be deciding which length I want!

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