Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's Beat the Heat : Part 2

Hello my Lovelies! As I promised, this post is all about hair and makeup to keep you cool in the summer swelter.

Seems as if this year Mother Nature is truly trying to wilt our petals, if you'll forgive the natural-kei joke. In fact, the humidity was so high today, stepping out of my well air conditioned house was like running full force into a wall. The air was thicker than molasses, it was terrible! But humidity or no, my hair didn't frizz once!

So let's talk about hair style for the summer!

I'm going to start with short hair, because it seems everyone likes to trim and cut their hair to cool down.

Most, I've found, go with a Bob. Which is where the hair is trimmed to the chin, this is usually accented with blunt cut bangs. This style looks really cute with small side bows, either on or off a headband.

If you want to go with a hat, stay away from the Mini hat in this style. Go with a full hat like a Boater or a Top hat. If Bonnets are your thing though, stay with a cute half bonnet to show off your playful locks.

Another short summer style is the Pixie cut. This is a very short boy like style that can go as short as you like, or as long as a long shag. This style is best accented by small bows, though I recommend a centered bow rather than a side bow to draw the eye to the whole hair cute, rather than one side of it.

Medium length hair goes from just below the shoulders to below the shoulder blades and Long hair is defined as anything that is longer than mid back. These next styles are adaptable for either length.

The first style is simple.

The Low Pigtail:

Everyone knows how to do this style. You split you hair, equally if you can, and tie it securely just behind your ears, above or below it doesn't matter to much.

Easy right? But if that's to easy, you can always decorate it.

One option is to get a large curling iron and heat each section into a large curl, then hair spray it to make sure it stays.

Second style option is to take the pig tails and loosely wrap them in a bun to get the hair off your neck. This is also a good option for sticking flowers or bows around the edges.

This is a picture of 'Purinyappykura' From LiveJorunal. As you can see, her hair is in the Loose Bun style, a very good look for her, if I may say so.

Another option is to braid each half. I love this style myself, I think it's so cute whether in Full out Lolita, or the rare occasion I wear jeans. If you just left it as is, it would be super cute, but there is one more option that I actually have an accompanying picture to show you.

The Fourth option is to take those cute braids and wrap them until they are buns. then tuck the unbraided tuft under the bun and either pin the heck out of it, or wrap a hair tie around it once or twice.

'Celticfreefall' is Showing off the Braided Bun style. This is a look that is good for both Sweet and Classic outfits and is great for showing off longer earrings and thick necklaces.

There are more styles and tips to be had and I'll share more with you at a later time. But for now, I encourage you to give these a try and send me pictures! I'd love to see your creativity and imagination while you beat the heat!

Next time I'll talk about Make up and share a few personal tips on the subject.

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