Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life Update and International Lolita Day rundown!

Hello Lovelies~

 May is gone, June is here, and things have changed once more for me, which is why I disappeared through the month of flowers. I have moved once more and am now living with a good friend of mine and watching her little girl for the summer. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you're sure to see her in the background of some on my pictures. The girl isn't just a Ham, she's the whole Christmas Dinner.

I'm writing again. I joined and RP last year and recently stopped lurking an joined in the fun. Now all of my literary creative juices are flowing and I feel so energized it's kind of crazy. But that might also be because Summer is here and I love summer.

 Swimming, sun, cooking out. What's not to love? This is the perfect season to scale back the layers and bean the rules till they melt in the heat. Casual Lolita is easier to do in the summer and it's even ok to rock the short styled skirt that AP promotes from collection to collection when the print suits.

The Dark Eye Shadow Tutorial I promised is on it's way, along with a Makeup Brush Deco tutorial I promised a lovely reader who asked for it in the Comment Box on the side bar to the right. Though if you comment or ask questions with that, please remember to put the title of the post in there some how. I discovered the hard way that it is a direct link to me, but is an independent widget, thus it isn't connected to the Post at all, but to the Blog itself.

 ^-^; Silly me, but you live and learn.

Yesterday was International Lolita Day! (YAY!!!!) I hope ya'll had fun and did something to celebrate, even if it was just something small like wearing a bow and curling your hair or wearing Mary Janes when you usually wear sneakers or something.

 I happened to be invited to the Zoo though a strange conversation that started off as plans for other people, then morphed into combined plans, then different plans, then just all types of plans were made! But the Zoo plans fell perfectly.

When I got dressed I hadn't planned on rain, but by the time we got to the Zoo it was Pouring! It cleared up later in the day, but still. Rain on ILD.

  It was a good thing I brought one of my parasols. If you ever get a chance to get one, I recommend it. Especially one that can double as an umbrella. They are so useful for zoo trips. 7 hours in and out of the sun and I am not burned any more than I was the day before.

We didn't see everything, our Zoo is huge! But we got a good bit accomplished and even got to ride the carousel! No pictures sadly, my phone died in the middle of the trip, but I did get tons of pictures in the aquarium! FISH!!

 All of those will be a separate post. I took lots of pictures there. ^-^;

And we rode the train around the back half to see even more animals, because I don't think we'd have made it if we'd have been walking with four kids, a stroller and a wagon, each containing a child and food. o.o

 The day was finished off with an early birthday celebration for my lovely roommate. We had Pork Ribs smoked to perfection with mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, grilled Asparagus, and grilled pineapple (of which I only had one small square to try, but didn't eat more so I could avoid my stupid allergy from kicking in, despite the Grilled Pineapple being one of the more delicious things ever!)

I had a blast and it was a wonderful way to celebrate ILD. I now have wonderful new memories and stories to tell.

Now on to my outfit for the day!

I only got Selfies of myself through the day, so this photo was taken later.

Dress: Metamorphose
Socks: Metamorphose
Shoes: Off-Brand but Cute As Hell
Headbow: Metamorphose
Parasol: Metamorphose (Not pictured)

 Yes, this is an outfit you've seen me in before, but It's super comfortable for a day out and about and walking and this time, rather than adding the two Petticoats I usually wear with all of my dresses, I went without it as this dress has a built in petti.

This is an older dress, so it has a traditional Old School feel to it, shape and colors, but I love it. I have a large chest, 50" inches and it could go at least four inches larger. I love Meta dresses for this reason.

I've always had a thing for fish. Aquariums are my favorite attraction of anywhere I go, but after reading and watching 'Princess Jellyfish' I have come to appreciate Jellies all the more. So I took a picture with one!

More Jellyfish pictures later, but for now. Thanks for reading! Follow me on all of my social networking sites for more pictures, updates, and faster updates. I am even posting on my Tumblr now! But that is more for my Everything I think is awesome moods, including Shows I'm watching, Fics I'm reading, Geeky memes I find funny, Stuff like that.

 Let me know in the comments below what you did for ILD! (Even if you just took a Nap ^_^ ) Happy Monday!

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