Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crafternoon and Project Progress

Hello Lovelies~

 As of two days ago I hit 50,000 page views and I wanted to thank All of you! Without you, my wonderful wonderful readers and friends, Simple and Sweet wouldn't be what it is. We still have more growing to do, but as we stretch our wings and fly, know that we fly together!

Yesterday I spent the day crafting with my friend Al and we worked on old T-shirts. Turning the old or ruined clothes into something new and awesome.

Our previous Craft day, Al took her old Dead Pool shirt and turned it into a tank top, but she felt is still needed something. So we went to work.

 Originally, she was going to add an inch and a half of leopard print all the way around the arm holes, but she didn't end up liking that, so it was changed.

As you can see above, slightly, she cut off the straps and added leopard print straps instead. Which actually look really cool. We have one more craft day before it's done, but I think it looks way cool.

 We also discovered that knit is forgiving and a Stapler can be used as an Automatic Pinner. Really, we couldn't find any pins, so we used the stapler and liked it.

This is my project. As you can see below, I have a hole in one of my favorite shirts. I've had it for a long time and the hole is large and unfixable. So I decided to cut a curved triangle out of the front and add a cute ruffled panel of blue fabric with a light blue bow that will match the decal on the shirt.

Yeah.....I didn't like it at all. It took two and a half hours of staring at this shirt trying o decide what I didn't like about it until I realized the refashion I wanted to do wasn't really my style.

 So I took a step back from the original design and re-evaluated my fabric options and made something much more me.

The thin bands around the waist, the arms, the collar, and the bottom of the skirt will be done in black leather, which will be the only fabric I'll need to buy.

 I might want to add bows to the sleeves as well, and maybe turn them into puffy sleeves, but I'm going to do everything else first and the sleeves will be a game day decision, so to speak.

Thanks for reading! And Thanks for helping Simple and Sweet reach this very cool milestone!

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