Sunday, February 17, 2013

Relaxation and a 'Get Well Soon' treat

Hello Lovelies~

 I made it safely home from my trip! I had a wonderful time and reconnecting with my family was a pleasure. ^_^ I had such a good time I was rarely on to check my mail or anything of the like, so I didn't realize my scheduled posts hadn't posted! o.o sad indeed!

So this week will be full of those posts, but today I must admit that I am very under the weather. My throat hurts and I am curled up in my comfiest pajamas watching comfort movies. I thought I'd share a list of my favorite movies that always make me feel better when I'm sick, One or two very Lolita like, Others not, and a simple snack that sooths the throat.

First, the movies!

 Somewhere in time is one of my all time favorites. It's slow and simple and one of the most heart wrenching love stories you will ever encounter. I cry every time I watch this film.

Best Robin Hood Ever! Kevin Costner, Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman.... Good writing, good music, good acting, All around great movie!

Who doesn't love a great buddy cop movie?  And When the buddy cops are Mel Gibson and Danny Glover? Forget about it. I love all four movies really, but the first is the best.

'Come out to the cost...We'll get together, have a few laughs...' . What a classic line. Guaranteed to brighten my mood, even when I have the sniffles and the beginning of a nasty cold.

Thought all I watched was action movies, huh?  Cinderella is one of my favorite movies and when I pull this movie out, I am usually settling in for a long day of Disney. Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast.....but it all starts with this amazing story of dreams coming true.

Now... Back to the action, so to speak.

 R.E.D. and action movie with the heart of a romance. I really love this movie. I mean....Helen Mirren with an Uzi. Is there anything better?

Last one on my list of feel better flicks is Iron Man. Others came after it, and they were ok, but this movie set the Bar. This is what movie makers aim for now. This instant classic that is now influencing men's fashion and science as we know it!

When I am sick I love a good action flick! ...>.> .... I love a good action flick anytime really, but these are my go to!

 And now, the healthy snack for a sore throat!

1 good sized lemon.
1 good sized jar

This is pretty simple....

Thinly slice your lemon, then put a layer of slices on the bottom of the jar, then poor on a good squeeze of the honey. Layer of lemons, squeeze of honey, until you have no more. Then seal the jar, put the jar in the fridge, and let it be for two days.

 After that, either serve hot in tea or cold, as a lemonade of sorts.

These honey soaked lemons will keep for about two weeks, three if kept very cold.

I hope all of you stay warm and keep yourselves healthy with your own comfort movies!


Anonymous said...

I love lemon and honey! It's good to have regularly (with less honey) to help your insides stay clean and healthy, too :D

I love so many of the movies you posted as well XD

Rosa said...

Hello, thanks so much for your sweet comment! It is too bad that you have been sick, I hope you are better now?

Thanks for posting about Somewhere in Time, it is such a lovely movie! I knew the theme melody, but had no idea what a little gem the movie is.


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