Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book 8 of 50

Hello Lovelies~

     I've been sick for about a week, as my last post indicated, so I've been able to have some down time to catch up on my reading. Last night I finished reading 'Warm Bodies', a zombie book which has recently been turned into a movie. I'm not one for zombies, but after seeing the movie trailer, I knew I had to read the book before I bought my tickets.

'Warm Bodies' is a wonderful new take on the classic story of 'R'omeo and 'Julie'tte. R is a zombie of a different sort and Julie is the daughter of a bohemian free spirit who passed her love of life onto her daughter. The two star crossed lovers meet at a party of sorts that is filled with screams and gunshots rather than laughter and music.

 You'll have to read the book, but it is the general plot of Romeo and Juliette. It's hidden in a smear of blood, but this book is funny in all the right places and grips you from the first page.

While reading this book, I saw a few Shakespearean connections, but I was more interesting in the under lying theme of Nature vs. Nurture.

 The question, 'If we wake up and remember nothing about who we are, would we still be us.' So we know what we know because it's taught to us, instilled in us, over and over and over, or is there a higher plan? A greater design?

 Whatever the answers are, I'd like to share with ya'll a quote from the book that stuck with me, made me think about it for more than it was, but what it could be saying....

    "I have begun to wonder where I came from. The person I am now, this fumbling, stumbling, supplicant... Was I built on the foundations of my old life, or did I rise from the grave a bank slate? How much of me is inherited, and how much is my own creation? Questions that were once just idle musings have begun to feel strangely urgent. Am I firmly rooted to what came before? Or can I choose to deviate?" --- R. Paragraph 1, page 59.

For a book aimed at young adults, with it's roots in the Shakespearean past and it's hands stretching out to the apocalyptic future, it is has layers, like a lotus flower.

  This book might have a small opening for a sequel. But it's a solid read. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Romance, Zombies, and Searching for a deeper meaning.

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