Sunday, October 14, 2012

My October Glam Bag/ Ipsy Bag!

Hello Lovelies~

 Yesterday I received my October Glam/Ipsy bag and I was blown away! October was defiantly the right month to be an Ipsy Girl.

This months theme was 'Bombshell' and let me tell you, I certainly feel like one, especially since my hair is blonder now. Lol ^_~

First picture is of the bag. I really like the POP of red pleather on top of the clean black and white pattern. It reminds me of old Hollywood and the bombshell women of the time. Marilyn Monroe is the first to spring to my mind.

 Simple. Elegant. Mysterious.

Those were my thoughts upon seeing this makeup bag.

Next is my favorite piece of the collection.

 I was so pleased to see this lip color when I unzipped my bag, you have NO idea. I have been looking high and low for a good red gloss/stick that doesn't make me look like a clown. Usually the color is to Lipstick Red or so dark it borders on Burgundy. Nothing has ever been a 'BAM' Red, but my search is over!!!

The flash doesn't do this shade justice. It's a beautiful deep blood red color. This is the color you see in magazine adds. The color you always imagine woman in the 30's and 40's wearing with perfectly swirled hair and pencil skirts. Very 'Mad Men'  'esque.

Next is a simple black eyeliner, which is essential for any bombshell when looking her best. This one is a nice felt pen and I look forward to trying it out. I'll let you know what I think when I do.

I also received a tube of 'Boost Your Body' mascara, which promises the lashes of your dreams and a the pony you never got as a child. ...Personally I'm sceptical. But I look forward to trying this one out as well.


Funny story. About a year ago, around this time of year, I happened to run out of my favorite mascara. I was out shopping and happened to say, 'If I get nothing else while out today, I must get some mascara. I can't believe I ran out. Who runs out of Mascara!'...well lovelies...someone must've been listening because I did happen to get mascara that day, though I didn't realize it at the time as I got it in a gift with purchase, but as of right now, I am the proud owner of 28 different mascaras... not including the duplicates.


Ok, so the next item is a Shine and Smoothness booster for your hair. It says a small amount worked into wet hair, then blow dried or let the air dry will tame frizz and fly aways and keep your hair shiny and smooth all day.

Finally, we come to the eye shadows! As you can see below, I received four colors. Red, Green, Purple, and White. I swear, as I was doing the color tests I kept thinking how a bit of gold eyeliner would enhance the palette.

These colors have some nice shine to them and thus picked up the flash pretty good. From left to right we have, 'Vibrant Red', 'Raisin Berry', 'Frosty Taupe', and 'Vanilla Sky'.  The Vanilla Sky color wasn't showing up well on my skin, so I mixed it with a bit of the Vibrant Red to make a light pink color. Of the four, I like the Purple shade the best.

 So there is is! My October Glam Bag/ Ipsy bag. I can't wait for November. I hope we get some golds and earthy colors, you know, like the colors of Autumn leaves.

Thanks for reading!


Gretchen said...

Is this a surprise make-up service? I've always wanted to try one of these but I've never been sure if I wanted to.

AngelShinigami said...


It is indeed. $10 a month isn't bad and it's wonderful. I think it's a wonderful investment. The makeup bags are very well made as well.


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