Friday, October 5, 2012

3 Trends I Just Can't Get Into

Hello Lovelies~

  Do you enjoy a good pair of pearl or rhinestone cat ears? Or how about a cute royal wallpaper stripped maxi dress? Or what about false nails?

This week for Lolita Blog Carnival the theme was 'The Three Trends You could Never Get Into', and I had some difficulty trying to define what was a trend and what had stuck around and become common place.

 We all enjoy different trends that sweep in from season to season but, then again, we all have trends that we just can't see ourselves wearing, or when we do we laugh and promise ourselves to never wear or do whatever we happen to have tried again.

This year I have toyed with various passing fancies and I thought I'd share the few trends that just didn't stick with me.

                                             Radical False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes are fun and great for dazzling photos, but over the last year they have been popping up in more and more mild to fancy everyday wear. I even bought a pair of relatively tame ones with long feathers at the ends and rhinestones on the eye line, but after a bit... a hour! (I really suck at applying false eyelashes.) When they were finally dry....well....let's just say I didn't take pictures. Lol ^_^

 So instead, here are some pictures of the amazing radical false eyelashes I will never wear because I look absolutely silly!


This trend was really big in the spring and summer and to tell the truth, I'm glad to see it fade out as the weather get colder.

 The Hi-Lo trend is hard to pull off. The fabric has to be right, the length has to be right, and the person wearing it has to be the right height, of which I am not!

In my personal opinion, The right heights to wear this style is 4'10 - 5'4 and 5'9 - 5'11. If you are between these heights, the angles don't fall right and even with good heels, I think the legs still look short, even though the whole point is to show off your shoes and a good stretch of leg.

 While this style was more big for the Gal and Gyaru scene than it was for the Lolita scene, though Meta might have released a dress along those lines....not sure. It's still a trend I just can't seem to get into.

Below are a few pictures on the best representations I could find.

                                                   Real to Life Prints  

I like the look of these pieces, The Library dress is stunning, but as a curvy girl....I just can't see wearing a giant painting of Jesus stretched across my chest or Marie Antoinette across my bum. Juliette et Justine has been producing these beautiful prints for about a year or so. They are what I like to call, 'Real to Life' Prints due to the fact they aren't drawn, but rather prints of actual paintings or close enough to the real thing.

 While Juliette et Justine was the first company to start doing this, I have seen a few other off the beaten path type brands put out prints similar. Milk released a pink number with Persian kitten faces around the skirt somewhere in early July. While this isn't a sweeping trend, it is gaining more popularity and sadly, it's not something I'll ever see myself getting into.

On a slightly different note, aren't these prints fantastic?

So, those are the three trends I just can't see myself jumping into, not that they are bad per say, just not for me. Make sure you check out the other wonderful Blog posts from the other LBC girls.

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 Thanks for reading!!


Rosa said...

'I just can't see wearing a giant painting of Jesus stretched across my chest or Marie Antoinette across my bum.'
Hahaha, thank you, you just made my dayXD I needed a good laugh and this is priceless.

caro-chan said...

I'm definitely not a fan of crazy false eyelashes. I think they tend to make your eyes look like very weird, and unflattering, shapes.

Meta did indeed make a few high in front, long in back dresses years and years ago! I would personally love to get my hands on one!


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