Friday, September 14, 2012

My First Book!

Hello Lovelies~

  As a few of you know, I've been really busy since my birthday with various projects of this and that. I small deco tutorial, a few beauty reviews, and I wrote a book.


 What was that? Could it be? Why yes!!! Lol It could be! ^_^ I wrote my first book and published it on my birthday. I purchased two sample copies and am so pleased with how they turned out!!

As you can see, the book is called, 'Beginning Your Lolita Journey'. It's 34 pages long and consists of the 10 steps I feel are most important when starting out in Lolita. I have been in this fashion for a long time and I've seen things come and go. But these steps are simple, cut and dry. 10 steps to Lolita. It does not cover where to buy clothes or the breakdown of clothing pieces. There are plenty of sites that have talked about all of that into the ground.

 This is a book for girls just getting into the fashion who don't know where to start. Who feel a bit over whelmed and want a bit of guidance.

It may not be for everyone, these are my opinions on how to go about finding your footing in the large world of Loli, but if you look at it, This book could be titled, 'Beginning Your ( Insert any fashion style here) Journey', and the rules would still apply.

 Whether you're Lolita, Mori, Gal, Hime, Gyaru, or Otome, and still haven't found your way, this book is for you.

I even made it plain black and white on the cover so you can personalize it, because fashion is personal. No two people will wear the same outfit exactly the same way, unless it's planned that way, so what should everyone on different paths read read from a book that's all the same.

 A Pink and deco'd book wouldn't suit a Gothic girl, and a book with Black lace and red crosses wouldn't suit a Classic girl. We are all different, so celebrate it!

You can buy a copy of my book here ----->

 Thanks for reading for so long you guys. This wouldn't be possible without all of you.


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