Monday, September 24, 2012

Makeup Monday

Hello Lovelies~

    Summer has ended and Fall is here! Luckily there won't be to many more days of high temps to melt our carefully applies make up, but that doesn't mean we're safe from makeup melt downs. In the fall the weather cools and it is important to keep your EMK handy.

What is an EMK you ask? Well an EMK is an Emergency Makeup Kit. This is a small makeup bag containing a dry powder compress, mascara, hydrating lipstick or gloss, blotting sheets, and a small bottle of hand lotion.

  Don't worry about adding eyeshadow or blush to your EMK, this is not a substitute for a full makeup bag or doing your makeup at home. This is a small kit that can fit in any purse and is for quick fixes or touch ups.

But if an EMK is to big for your date night, here is an even smaller kit  that will fit in even the smallest of purses. I call this my Last Resort.

 Lip gloss, Mascara, Blotting Sheets.

I always have these things in my purse, but I was surprised to find that a lot of people don't. These three things should be on your 'Never Leave Home Without' checklist, but if you don't carry anything else carry your Lip gloss or Lipstick with you.

 This is the one beauty tip I will swear buy. In fact, I never leave the house without my lip gloss. I have it with me on the floor at work for quick touch ups and once my clear gloss even fixed a badly broken nail. It was just sticky enough to hold the nail in place while I dried it under a hand drier and it stayed all the way until I got home and could fix it properly.

Lip gloss is your friend.

 Next Monday I'll show you pictures of my EMK, but I have to find my camera first ^_^;

Thanks for Reading!  

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