Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book 5 of 50

Hello Lovelies~

 I have a few days off this week after working two jobs back to back all month. So to relax I thought I'd catch up on my reading. I know the last book I was on, book 4 for those of you keeping track like me ^_~, I should've finished ages ago but....I still haven't finished it.  O.O....What?!

Lol It's true.

 I am halfway through it, but for some reason I just can't get back to it. Not that it isn't a wonderful story! It's great and the writing is amazing, but if after two months of trying to force my way through a book that should be a page turner I finally said enough was enough and moved on. I'll come back to 'Storm Front' at a later date, but until then....

This book is 'Let love Find You' by Johanna Lindsey. It's a great book about over coming your fears and sticking to your principles, no matter the situation!

 The story is all about Amanda Locke who is the daughter of a Duke who has encouraged his children to marry for love as he himself did. In her third season, Amanda is still looking for her one true love and getting a bit desperate. The male lead is filled by Devin Baldwin who is a well know horse breeder, but is getting more and more acclaim as a matchmaker by the moniker of 'Cupid'.

Amanda's big issue in the story isn't her quick temper, nor is it her ability to get bored with her suitors easily. Her big thing is she is afraid to ride horses after a nasty spill when she was a child. She happens to become interested in a man who loves horses and starts taking riding lessons with Devin to over come her fear. The two fall in love and end the end are happy.


 Lovelies.......I was not happy with this book. Don't get me wrong!!! It was a great book.... but I've been reading romances since I was 11 and was raised on Johanna Lindsey novels because my mother read them and often explained the plot while not going into the more intimate scenes.

Instead of leading her readers to the conclusions gradually and allowing them to make their own connections, it felt as if I was following giant neon signs from one line to the next with a tour guide giving me a blow by blow of everything I was reading, who then waved a white flag vigorously and pointed saying, 'Do you see it? Do you see where this is going? Do you???!'...and then waited a moment to explain it all again as if I, the reader, was a particularly slow child.

 This book did not allow you to make any logical leaps, nor did it have any hidden depth. What you saw was what you got. Sure, Ms.Lindsey attempted to add some intrigue with a chapter with no names about an illegitimate son who wanted to take out his as of yet unknown father's other illegitimate son so he could gain the title and money upon the man's death...but it was as if that sub plot were actually an after thought.

All in all the book had a strong plot that I wanted to finish because it was just that good, but weak writing. I hate to say that, because Johanna Lindsey is a Historical Romance icon... but this was by no means her best work.

  I'm giving this book a three out of five stars. If you were new to the Romance world, this would be a good book for you to dip your toes in with, but if you're an avid reader like I am, Stick with her earlier works. Anything written past 2002 has been disappointing.

For my next book, I think I'll read 'The Selection' by Kiera Cass.

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