Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Makeup Palette! Sweet Lolita Colors!

Hello Lovelies~

 I recently was makeup shopping with my mom who was looking for a new cleanser when I happened to see something SO cute on the sales rack that I just couldn't pass it up!

It's a 'Hello Kitty in Paris' makeup palette!!! The colors are soft and powdery, so I have to use a primer, but I didn't in these pictures. Each color has a super cute name! This palette is perfect for a sweet Lolita ^_^

The palette comes with a mirror! Isn't that cool ^_^  The following pictures with be the colors you see above from left to right, not including the two larger circles. Those will be seen at the end.

This light lilac color is called 'Passion Fruit Macaroon'

This light teal color is called 'Jardin'

This dark purple color is called 'Fleur De Lys'

This like light pink is called 'Parisian Pink'

This is a really light mint color called 'Pistaschio'

The light Beige you see is called 'Croissant'

This light yellow is called 'Lemon Meringue'

 And finally, this dark brown is called 'Eiffel Tower'

I love these eyeshadow colors. They are so absolutely beautiful! Now on to the blushes.

This one is the first large circle called 'Strawberry Macaroon' 

And this is the second color called 'Rasberry Macaroon'

 I am so happy with these colors and for only $12 it wasn't to painful for my budget!


Princess Marie said...

So cute! Where did you find it?

AngelShinigami said...

Sephora ^_^


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