Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cupcake Cravings

Hello Lovelies~

 Here in Omaha we have a great little bakery called 'Jones Brothers Cupcakes'. They came in second on 'Cupcake Wars' and truly, they deserved to win. I tried four of their signature cupcakes and I had mixed opinions on them. So here we go~! My review of Jones Brothers Cupcakes.

First, lets get a picture of all of them together....

From left to right we have the Red Velvet with real cream cheese frosting, The Vanilla Bean with buttercream frosting, The Sweet and Salty, and the Black and White.

                                                           The Red Velvet

This was a wonderful cupcake. Moist, but not to sticky. Just the right amount of red without being to much that it stains your hands and mouth and tongue and teeth. The frosting is a rich, sweet cream cheese and while it was a bit to much frosting for me, I really enjoyed this cupcake.

                                                           The Vanilla Bean

Of the four, this was my least favorite. I honestly don't think this cupcake was cooked all the way through. The top was sticky and while most of the cupcake was really good, the very middle was thick and tasted as if it were a pudding, but it was only in one spot and there was no mention of a filling for this cupcake. The buttercream frosting was good, but nothing to write home about. All in all, it was not the best cupcake I've ever had and I wouldn't get it again.

                                                           The Sweet and Salty

This was my FAVORITE of the four! This was a dark chocolate cupcake with dark caramel and sea salt frosting. While there was a lot of frosting to cake ratio, but this was the most...decedent...sinful treat I've had in a long time. I highly recommend this cupcake to anyone who likes chocolate and caramel. The sea salt really adds an extra layer to this wonderful delight.

                                                       The Black and White

This wasn't my favorite of the four, but it wasn't the worst. I liked the dark chocolate cupcake, I liked the chocolate sprinkles, but I didn't like the frosting. The up side of the frosting is that is has Godiva white chocolate liquor in the mix. The down side is that it's a very strong liquor and I don't think it blended well. But other than that, it was an ok cupcake.

Over all, I would go back to check out the rest of the flavors. Even if you are not a frosting person, the cake is WELL worth the trip. And if you like frosting more than cake, Jones Brothers delivers well in that area as well.

 I give the a 8 out of 10.

I recommend this wonderful bakery to anyone that wants a delicious treat!


Lolitadewdrop said...

I always find that cupcakes have too much frosting! Those cupcakes look really tasty though. I've never heard of eating salt with chocolate and caramel but maybe I should try it. :)

MaMMaMoon said...

oh me gosh! they look so delish!
mmmm...sudden craving for cupcakes and muffins and...well, anything with chocolate. xD MMxoxo

Sapphira said...

These look so yummy! The sweet and salty one sounds so nice, I want to try it!


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