Friday, September 30, 2011

Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow review

Hello Lovelies~

 I was organizing my make up the other day for my next organization artical, and I thought I'd show off one of my recent purchases.

Bubbles, by Elizabeth Arden is a deep smokey grey blue with hunter green and gold under tones. It shimmers differently under different light and that is what drew me to this beautiful. color to begin with.

It's light weight and smudges easy on its own, which is the only down side of buying this brand, but with an eye primer or a light all over transluasant sealer, it stays in place just fine.

This color is used best with the smokey eye trick and would be best with an evening look. Pair it with a gold for the lid and anything but lime green for the crease shade. I garentee whether you have Winter or Summer coloring, this is the shade for you.

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