Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Organized! The begining....

Hello Lovelies~

 Raise your hand if you are the most organized, picture perfect person ever! .... well, I'm sure one or two of you did, but I myself have no claim to a title such as that. I'm messy and while my world doesn't look like a hurricane swept though it, it's not perfect. But lately I have been trying to get organized and wanted to share my progress with all of you.

I recently painted my room, and for that, I have to take everything out and it was like a fresh, light blue colored canvas. I got to completely rearrange my room and one of the big things I didn't replace was my dresser. Instead I am using two bookcases for my clothes. One for my work clothes and various non Lolita clothes, and one for my Lolita clothes.

Here it is! And below is each shelf, broken down.

Starting from the top, We have my skirts. I don't have a closet, and I make most of my own skirts, so I'm never worried about folding them. Simple, novelty 100% cotton fabric is the best for fun, quick clothes for everyday casual looks.

Next is for my Headdresses and Headbows.

These Headbows are from Metamorphose. I love them all and most were gifts from the person I care about a lot. On the other side are my headdresses.

The headdress up front is also from Metamorphose, but the ones behind it are all made by me. I wear headdresses more than headbows, but I respect each hair accessory for what they bring to a complete look.

The next is the shelf closest to my bed, so it's a touch more cluttered than I'd like. Lotions, Books, and my DS all live along side the stationary I use to write letters, the most beautiful one of a kind painting I found at Sam's of all places! It's great inspiration when I'm drawing or sewing or doing Deco...don't know why, but it is. I love the depth of it.

This shelf is for the odd, out of season hair accessories and hats.

 And that's it for this addition of Getting Organized!

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