Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Lolita Letter

Hello Lovelies~

 After reading an letter written by a fellow blogger that she wrote after reading a letter from another blogger, I decided to write my own letter!

Please check out the original Letter ---->  Here ^_^

So here I go!

Dear Lolita-chan~

 It's been a long, hard road to get where you are. Often times that road was filled with stares that you could feel as you walked by and awkward questions that you really didn't know the answer to, but you've made it though the tough times to find yourself surrounded in a fluffy, elegant, beautiful world that accepts you for you and have found friends that think 'Go Big or Go Home' is a way of life, no just a pretty phrase.

When you started out all those years ago by starring at a room full of clothes that were nice, but didn't actually speak to you, and searched until you put together two nice outfits that consisted of black tank tops over white dress shirts with a flat black skirt, I bet you never thought you'd own Brand, or even fit into Brand, but look at you now!

 You've learned that walking out of the house with your hair in a scrunchie and chipped, two week old nail polish isn't the best side to show the world. You now stand taller and aren't afraid to walk amongst a crown in your frills for fear that someone will ask you questions. In fact, you welcome the questions and even tell those interested how to get started on their own path of Frilly Discovery.

You can speak to large crowds without shaking, you stand taller, and you've blossomed into a vibrant person that feels as beautiful on the inside as she looks on the outside.

 Sure, you have your down days of lounging in front of the t.v. in your pajamas and you still feel that shoes were created by someone as a punishment, and tend not to wear them when you can get away with it, but you're so much happier than you were so many years ago.

So don't give up. Keep smiling though the looks and the questions and you'll find your way.


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