Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Loliday!!

Hello Lovelies~

 The day is here! That very special holiday that only comes around twice a year. Loliday. The day when girls and boys who love the Lolita fashion get dressed up in the best frills and celebrate just being them. Rather alone or in a group, this holiday is a great way to fully embrace who you are.

Today would be a great day to make your Lolita debut if you're a girl who's still a bit nervous about donning a petticoat out in public, or, if you find that a bit daunting, one could always stay inside and have a flamboyant princess day complete with afternoon tea and pedicures.

If you're a seasoned Lolita, how about trying a new style? If you're a Gothic Lolita, why not have some fun and try to make a sweet cord out of your closet, and for a sweet girl, why not try something on the edge and go for a Pirate look for the day?

 Lolita is a large and varied fashion, so have fun with it and have a very very happy Lolita day to everyone around the world!

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