Monday, November 29, 2010

Style Focus Update = Wa Lolita

Hello Lovelies~

 Seems forever since I last did a post like this, but it's time for another Style Focus. And wouldn't you know it, It's seems like every time I go to do this, someone is putting out another Wa Lolita piece. For an obscure, hardly seen style, it sure is everywhere this year.

...Or maybe it's my wishful thinking, But! Metamorphose did just release new Wa prints, so Here I am to promote them and spread the word!

First we have my favorite piece~

This is dress is very Baby Doll with its high waist, not really something to be worn on it's own, but the nod to the kimono folds on the front is super cute!

 I love how Bold and Bright the colors are. It is a really fun look for anytime of year, but I'd recommend it for summer wear mainly.

You can probably tell I favor the red print more than the turquoise, but each has their own character and voice. Both striking and elegant, but not with out their draw backs.

 I really can't see this print being worn out grocery shopping or to formal parties. This is more of a On a whim, cheer yourself up dress. Or, something for a photoshoot. I dress to say you own, because it's beautiful and it really does call to you, but again, it's hard to find a place to wear it.

Over all : I want it! It is on my dream dress list, but this is not a dress for the shy or faint of heart. Take head when falling in love with it.

 Next we have the traditional Jumperskirt~

Unlike the previous design which is only offered in two colors, this dress is offered in three. Purple and Black, Pink and Red, and Navy Blue and Black.

 The print is beautiful and rich. It is a saturated and mature color palate and perfect for every season. While the flowers are bold, the cut of the dress of the dress lends well to everyday wear while the colors are matchable to most wardrobes.

One of the best options with this dress is the detachable flower from the middle of the bow that seems to dominate and distract from the beauty of this dress. It's my personal opinion, but I can't help but think the bow would be better served in back.

 But the flower, as pictured below, it removable and with a simple application of hot glue, it could easily be combined with an alligator clip to make a cute hair accessory ^_^

So! What do you think? Anyone planning to turn Wa Lolita anytime soon? Lol I plan to just as soon as I find the right pattern at my local fabric stores.


Monnie said...

The first dress is cute. But the pattern is too bold for me. I'd be more likely to wear the second design.

Naw probably not gonna go full on wa anytime soon.

AngelShinigami said...

The problem is that it's hard to go full on Wa because of its obscurity. There are hardly any clothes for it unless you make them yourself. It never was a big movement sadly.

Anonymous said...

The prints are a bit loud for me, too. I did make a Wa Lolita outfit, but mine was just a cream base with red and black fish dotted all over and some background water rings and decorative balls in muted colors. I like Wa style, but I don't think it can easily be worn every day :P

AngelShinigami said...

Hard to wear everyday, but the second dress gives the option while the first is alittle loud.

Wa Lolita for an everyday look is only for the hard core, but it's still a viable option ^_^


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