Saturday, May 1, 2010

Words for Thought

What makes a Princess? Is it money? The way she looks? The way she dresses? Her Blood? To be honest, that is how the world sees and defines a princess, but the answer to each question will always be No.

According to Sara Crewe, a semi fictional character from my much loved book and movie, 'A Little Princess', it doesn't matter what a girl looks like, because no matter what, she is a princess.

Is this true? Is every girl in the world a Princess just because she can be?

My mother feels that the following words are words of a child who doesn't understand how her world has changed. That she is naive and to spoiled to know better.

"I am a Princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress is rags. Even if they aren't pretty. Or smart. Or young. They are still Princess. All of us." - Sara Crewe, 'A Little Princess', (1995)

From time to time I see my mother as the school mistress, having lost the spark that made her look at the world with wonder. She is cynical and dreamless, but within her is a spirit longing for more than their dark word, but unable to reach for it, much like the school mistress.

So, is Sara to young to understand? To Spoiled? To Naive? Maybe. But her immortal words are still true. Every girl is a Princess, has it with in herself to be a Princess, it's in everything she does.

From a smile at a stranger to helping someone in need, it's the actions of a truly beautiful person that make her beautiful after all. So wouldn't it stand to reason that it's the actions of a Princess that make her so?

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