Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Innocent World Spotlight!

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen! As anyone that reads my blog knows, I love Meta, but to be fair, I love most every Lolita brand from Angelic Pretty to Innocent World.

I happened to be looking around the Innocent World site today and noticed they had something new out for summer. The dress is a cute summer halter dress with connected apron. It's a sweet, simple look that is perfect for a country Lolita style.

As you can see, the apron is decorated with a sweep of strawberries at the corner and for a extra kiss of sweetness, not only is there a band of strawberries around the bottom of the dress, but there is also an embroidered berry sweep on the right lapel.

This is a good dress for larger girls. IW is known for making their shirred dresses for any size and this half shirred halter dress is just the ticket.

For added fun, this dress comes with the option to remove the front lace panel, giving the wearer the option for a more casual look. Good planning on the Brand's part.

Everyone has different tastes, some of us like Light Blue, others Pink, or Mint, but Innocent World is more of a...classic sweet, so their colors are richer than one typically finds these days.

Red and Beige, Blue and Beige, and Chocolate and Beige. Rich, Bold colors that are sure to please any one looking for a more tame sweet this summer.

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