Friday, May 7, 2010

Another win from Meta!

We all know how much I love Meta, so I tend to be a little bias, but as of May 7th, Metamorphose has released a completely new concept line, complete with full mock ups!

The 'Perfume Bottle' series is another in a long line of border prints, but lucky for Meta, this is not another Over the Top explosion. As seen below, the print comes in Pink, Black, and a White/Blue color, the bottom is patterned with large Perfume bottles of varying sizes and styles. The hem is a printed pearl scallop motif and pairs nicely with the small butterfly-bow, ring, and jewel scattered bodice and upper skirt print.

It's wonderful how perfectly this print mixes with the 'Jeweled Butterfly' print that was released early march-ish.

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