Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Daisy FlipFlop Tutorial!

My First Tutorial!!!!!

Darling Readers,

I'm very excited to share with you, my very first tutorial ever! Summer is fast approaching and I was looking at all of my close toed shoes and over the knee socks, mentally whining over the fact that in the middle of July I'll be more than wilted and irritable in the heat with almost no relief.

So while out shopping at Walmart I saw the WALL of flip flops and began wishing for a pair of Loli-ish casual slip ons, something cute and easy. So I tossed a pair into the cart and kept shopping, a short time later I came to the craft section and the fake flower isle....it was like everything suddenly became brighter!....in reality it was the flickering light finally deciding it wanted to stay on, but to me it was clear, and this is what came of it.

What you lovelies will need is.....

<> One pair of any color flipflop you like. I am using yellow, but I encourage you to express yourself.

<> One bundle of fake flowers. Any type will do, I liked the daisies, but I made a pair with roses so anything works.

<> One Pair of Scissors

<> One hot glue gun and glue. I used three glue sticks in the making of these, but I have big feet, it just depends on the size of your shoes.

Alright, now that we have our supplies gathered let's start.

First, Choose your shoe and cut a flower from the bunch, until there is very little stem left, then put enough glue on the back of the flower to hold it in place, use your judgment and don't burn yourself, then place it on the band of the flip flop, As shown below....

Next, keep gluing, remembering to let the glue try for a moment in between each flower placement, until you reach the 'V' or the piece of plastic the goes between your toes then STOP!!! Do NOT place a flower there until you glue the other side of the band. The 'V' should be the last flower you place.

When finished, go on to the next shoe. Let both shoes sit for a FULL ten minuets. No Cheating, that's how you get burned.

This is how mine turned out...

Hope you like this and try it out for yourself. I'd love to see what you come up with if you do ^_^

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