Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lolita Video Love!! 'The Secret Life of the Lolita' ~ Behind the Scenes

Hello Lovelies~

 In the month or so I have been neglecting to update like the bad blolgger I am lately, 'Deerstalkerpictures' has completed their 'The Secret Life of the Lolita' series. I posted about the first video HERE and while I didn't post about the second and third videos, I wanted to post about the Behind The Scenes video.

As a Lolita that tends to put to much pressure on herself to BE LOLITA, (Don't ask me to explain the caps lock here. Just a feeling that comes over me from time to time) it was great to see this group of girls being absolutely outrageous as times and supremely silly.

 I'm lucky to have a few friends I can laugh with like these girls do. I hope all of you guys do too!

Watch 'The Secret Life of the Lolita: Derp Reel' HERE!!!

Part 1 ---> HERE

Part 2 ---> HERE

Part 3 ---> HERE

Enjoy this Mocumentery ladies. It was beautiful and silly and the Tea Party in the second video is SO beautiful!

 Of all the stuff on the table, all of the exquisite food and delicate china, I have to say I loved the odd Duck water pitcher the best. It's just so Odd and a touch out of place that it captured my heart and I want one now.

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