Friday, February 14, 2014

LBC : Create a Romantic Outfit

Hello Lovelies~

 Today is Valentines day! So happy Valentine's day! As today is Friday, it's also LBC day and I'm very excited to present to you the Romantic Outfit we were invited to create.

When I think 'Romantic', my mind immediately thinks of creamy lace and soft roses. Elegant pearls and up swept hair. So the look I put together is a Classic Sweet look with a nod to Regency elegance.

 The dress below is part of the 'Rococo Fleur' collection Mary Magdalene released in 2007. I like that it is considered an both an OP and a JSK. The wider straps are perfect for those of us who don't like layers, but can still be worn over a blouse if that's your style.

A triple strand pearl necklace never misses it's make on elegance in my book. Keep it more of a choker look, rather than a loose layered look and if you like, you can even add a pearl bracelet. But remember the unspoken rule of pearls.

Well...My Unspoken rule of pearls at least.

 I always subtract a strand from the necklace to the bracelet. Such as! If I wear a triple strand at my throat, I wear a double strand at my wrist. If I wear a double strand I wear a simple strand pearl bracelet. And if I wear a simple strand a my throat, I don't wear a bracelet at all, but a ring or two would be fine.

Enough about my strange Jewelry quirks.

 With this dress, Tights are key. So I would go with a pair of soft white tights to blend the look, but if you want to go for a bit of the unexpected and live in color, pair light green tights to match the vines and leaves.

Below is the link to We Love Color. It's a wonderful sight dedicated to tights and they have over 50 colors available up to a double E!

We Love Color = Color Guide

 I found this picture on Pintrist and thought it was perfect for this outfit. Any bridal hair style would be good, but this style reminded me of a modern take on a classic regency updo. I would even do it with the small roses to pin it in place, rather than go for and traditional Lolita hair accessories.

To add a bit of strong contrast to this outfit, I decided to pair it with brown shoes. Not as harsh as black in the contrast and it still lends an elegant gentility.

 The shoes I chose are the  'Roseline Shoes' from Innocent World, which is currently available on there site. It's got a gentle 2 1/2 inch heel and has both an ankle strap and it ties in the front with a ribbon. I really like this shoe!

I then paired the shoes with an IW bag from 2011. The 'Versailles Rose' bag didn't have any much to it, but was still a commanding piece all on it's own. I like the shape and thought it added just the right classic touch to round out the outfit.

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked the outfit! I had a blast putting it together!

 Happy Valentines Day!!!


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Kalle Sweet said...

Nice idea combining items from one brand but from different years.


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