Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lolita Video Love! 'The Secret Life of the Lolita: part 1'

Hello Lovelies~

 Deerstalker Pictures is one of my favorite channels on Youtube. They are the brilliance behind 'Cooking with Arpakasso' and the producers of MC Melody Doll's music videos. They do Cosplay and Fashion Highlights from the con scene all over Australia as well as anything else fun and over the top they feel like doing at the time.

 Recently, the Lolita community has come under a bit of a microscope due to a certain TLC show that I won't name, but in an indirect way, this lovely 'Mock-umentary' Deerstalker Pictures recently released is the perfect response.

It's over the top in everyway and yet....oh so true-ish. Or...I wish it were true. I swear....I would LIVE in the room in the video if I could. It's my dream room. I kid you not. To open my closet and be greeted with an over abundance of frills and finery in every imaginable print, shade, and style......heaven.

 If you haven't seen 'The Secret Life of the Lolita : part 1' yet, please click play and enjoy. It takes 6 minuets of your time and they are well spent. If you have seen it, click play anyways and relive the amazingness that is this short, but well executed Mock-u-Doc.

I am very much looking forward to Part 2!



If you liked the video, please like Deerstaker Pictures on Facebook HERE and subscribe to their Youtube channel.

 Thanks for reading!


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