Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Product Review : Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

Hello Lovelies~

  Recently I received an order from my favorite Asian makeup site,!

 I am a constant stalker of their light pink digital princess perfection and my favorite section is the skin care. I really love their Facial Mask selection. My favorite is the White Rose from Beauty Diary I think. I also really like the Sakura Blossom one, but those are reviews for another time.

Lately, I've been browsing the moisturizers. Each time reading and rereading the properties and weighing the price and I usually find a reason to leave the site before I buy a thirty-three dollar something or other that may and or may not make my skin go crazy. (Having dry, combination sensitive skin is such a pain sometimes.)

So when I order my latest round of dye and saw a trail package of one of the products I had been debating on for free I didn't hesitate for a second to choose that rather than the BB Cream sunscreen I usually get.

 It's one of my better impulse choices, let me tell you all about it ^_^

I have been looking at and lusting after the 'Waterdrop Sleeping Pack' from Lioele from a few months now. It promises to Brighten, Moisturize, Calm redness, and Reduce puffy-ness.

 Honestly, it sounds to good to be true, but I'm willing to boldly blaze the trail others have blazed before me in pursuit of less red skin and the reviews on the site sing it's praises. Loudly.

The sample size is just enough for the full face and it's so cool when going on, it was like my skin was sighing and instantly relaxing. The product absorbed nicely and left no sticky or greasy residue, which I highly appreciate.

 While it didn't take away the redness in my cheeks, in the morning my skin was soft and there was no morning swelling from pores begging to be cleaned. In fact, since the Waterdrop Sleeping Pack is a water base, my skin felt very light and refreshed.

A small bottle is $9.99 and it's on my list of things to keep in my life. Now that I've found it, I wouldn't want to go without it.

 Hopefully I'll still feel this was after using it for a few months as it's rather hard to make solid statements after one trial.


* Not Sticky or Greasy
* Light weight
* Cooling upon application


* Didn't reduce the redness
* (More cons may arise with further use, please stay tuned)

Verdict = YES! 

Below are the links for both the full size and the sample size Waterdrop Sleeping Packs. If you're unsure if it'll work for you, go with the sample size. 3 for $2.50 isn't a bad deal.

Full Sized Waterdrop Sleeping Pack for $9.99

3 Samples of Waterdrop Sleeping Pack for $2.50

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