Friday, September 20, 2013

LBC : Design an outfit for under $100 ( Official for 2013 )

Hello Lovelies~

 Yes It's true! After much hoping, the LBC has finally decided to do a few of our old posts again! I am so happy to be doing this topic again in an official Carnival capacity.

To celebrate our year anniversary, I decided to do a 'Dark Carnival' themed outfit!

 Let's start out as we mean to continue. This shirt is part of the 'Conncinous Crowns' Collection from the American Lolita Brand, Elegy.

Coming in at $55, it is the most expensive piece of our outfit. I chose this shirt because winter is approaching faster than expected this year and investing in one or two really good, versatile, neutral long sleeved shirts.

My favorite aspect of the shirt is the ruffles around the neck and cuffs. It's such a romantic look that can be mixed into Sweet, Gothic, and Classic outfits very easily.

 What I love most about Elegy as a designer is that she makes all of her clothes in inches! So this shirt can be made all the way up to a 50" bust.

You can order it HERE .

I paired this adorable top with a cute, but plain skirt from Forever 21 Plus. It's a bit shorter than I would normally recommend, but I feel it would look lovely with this top and I just love the peek-a-boo window on the thighs.

At $15.80, the Forget me not skater skirt is a must have for your winter wardrobe.

 Buy it HERE .

Printed tights have been The Thing for the past year and I don't see that trend dissipating any time soon. There is so much fun that can be added to an outfit with printed tights, but I couldn't find a pair I really liked with this outfit that fit my theme, but just when I was going to give up, 'Sock Dreams' made my dreams come true.

One side striped, the other side diamonds, These Harlequin tights are just the thing to add a bit of elegant whimsy to this look.

 Your can buy them HERE for $8.

OR for a look that screams 'Sexy and Classy' I would recommend these tights, also from 'Sock Dreams'.

These are $11, but well worth it! ( I like these more than the Harlequin ones myself. )

 Buy them HERE .

No outfit is complete without something fun in our hair, like the beautiful cherry on top for a fabulous sundae!

This "Gothic Victorian Circus Carnival Burlesque Black and White Striped Hair Clip Fascinator" from Hexotica on Etsy pushes the cost of my outfit over my $100 limit, but is so pretty!!!

It has Drama, Flare, Fun, and is the only thing I found in line with my outfit that wasn't a pair of boring hair bows.

 This hair piece is $38.43 . You can buy it HERE .

Let's Break it down.

Shirt          ~ $55.00
Skirt          ~ $15.80
Tights       ~  $ 8.00
Headdress ~ $38.43
Total            $117.23

So, all together my outfit comes out to $117. 23. Not bad! With the striped tights, this total ends up being $120.23.

 Again, I officially didn't make it under $100....Oh well!

 Thanks so much for reading and I hope you liked the outfit I created. Next week I'll be doing a 'No Price Limit' Gothic Carnival Outfit post, so make sure you come back from that!!

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Rosa said...

I like that shirt you have chosen very much, it is very elegant and classy - and the tights are adorable, both of them! That skirt is also a very interesting idea, simple, but witty. Lovely outfit!


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