Monday, September 30, 2013

Gruesome Tooth-some! Welcome to Octomber!

Hello Lovelies~

 Welcome to October and the countdown to Halloween!!!!! This year I want to do one craft and one costume a week to celebrate! I may even throw in a recipe here or there.

This month is a bit hectic for me, personally, so I'm trying to set a blog schedule and Stick With It!.....But ya'll know how good I am at that ...>_>.....yeah....But! In Honor of it being the 1st, I thought I'd kick this month off right with a costume idea!!!

 Macabre Tooth Fairy

This is something I actually really want to do this year.

 Elegy, one of my favorite American Lolita Brands, has come out with a new print depicting Teeth! It's called 'Conncinous Crowns', and it's rather startling at first, but it calls to my inner goth girl who still loves Victorian medical drawings and anatomy sketches.


If I get nothing else from this collection, I need this tote. It's so creepy and cool! I must must must have it in my life!!! And for $50, I think I can swing it.

 But this is the outfit I would want to wear as the Macabre Tooth Fairy. Add to it the Tooth Badge and crown....maybe made of teeth.  o.o.... How cool would that be?

A good pair of wings, bloody gauze wrapped around your mouth with small drips trailing down your chin under it, as if all of your teeth had been pulled and you were now collecting teeth from other people to replace them or even out of rage for your teeth being taken, and a pair of lightly bloodied pliers.

 How awesome would that costume be?!

 Anybody already got their costume all planned out? If so, what are you going to be? If not, do you have a dream costume? I'd Love to hear all about them!!!

Thanks for reading!



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Alexandriaweb said...

Oh wow that's super cool :D


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