Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book 10 of 50

Hello Lovelies~

 Right now I am in the middle of a lot of changes, so I don't have access to the net as much as I like. Rather than freak out about it, at night I am reading. I have read five books in the last week. One while in the middle of another. I think I'll be able to review quite a few new books in the coming month if all of these changes persist.

For now, My next book!

I've had this book on my shelf since it came out and finally got around to reading it. I was less than impressed, but got though it anyways.

 'Insatiable' by Meg Cabot, is a typical vampire book with a typical Mary Sue, under the guise of a 'Vampire book with a Twist!'.

The first words on the back of the book are, 'Sick of hearing about vampires? So is Meena Harper.'.

 When I read that I was so excited! I thought, 'Finally! A non vampire, vampire book that won't take itself to seriously.'. The book is written by the woman who wrote 'The Princess Diaries', so I was all ready for an amazing book!

What I read was less than thrilling.

 Sure it started out alright. It turns out that 'Insatiable' is actually the name of the Soap Opera the main character, Meena, is a dialog writer for.

Now I have a not so secret love for Soap Operas, so this was an awesome premise to me. Sadly, her job, which is a Big thing in the beginning, gets put on the back burner and turns into an after thought after....eight chapters or so.

 The main character, Meena, is an honest to god Mary Sue. The Vampire prince fall in love with her practically at first sight, the vampire hunter fall in love with her after fighting with her and continues to show his affection by snipping at her and practically pulling her pig tails. She hates the vampire when she finds out what he is, but continues to sleep with him because she just can't resist him.....

This book was a Hot Mess. And then to top it off, there was a Dragon.

I'm not saying it's didn't have it's funny parts. I'm not saying it wasn't written alright, despite all of the WILD brand dropping, (Think Pretty Little Liars style), and I'm not saying that if you have a free afternoon and nothing better due like....weeding a garden, doesn't have to be yours, or washing you hair for the sixth time that day, then go ahead and give this book a try.

 That's as much as I'll say about it though.

I didn't like it, but others might.

Recommendation : Spend the money on something else, like a manicure or pancakes. Both options with give you more satisfaction with life than this book will. And they don't have sequels. 


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