Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Magnetic Makeup Organizer Tutorial

Hello Lovelies~

   I am one of those people who will put on the same everyday make up, then put everything back where I got it, just to dig though everything the next day to decide to put on the same make up look. So I decided to make a way to keep my go to colors at my finger tips.

Here's What you'll Need to make your own Magnetic Makeup Organizer.

* Magnetic White Board (This is Key ^_~* )
* Craft Lace
* Ribbon
* Ribbon Flowers
* Hot Glue and Glue Gun

You can go with a smaller board if you like. Mine is MUCH bigger than I actually need, but I'll find a use for all of the blank space ^_^

When you start to glue down the lace, do it in small sections and be quick about it because white boards are cold and chill the hot glue within 33 seconds (Timed). Good thing is the glue is easy to remove and re-apply.  

I rounded the corners  to give the ribbon a better background, but it was a personal choice. It looks cute with angled corners as well.

                             This is what it looks like with the first step done.

Next, choose a thick ribbon you like the look of and do the same thing you did to the lace.

When done, glue the  the tiny ribbon flowers 3 1/2 inches apart from one another.

                           And glue a bow in one of the corners.

               Then cut a length of the same ribbon you made the bow out of, though this step is optional.

                                             And glue them down on the back.

Let it dry and you're done! This is my finished product! I think it's so cute and am looking forward to gluing magnates to the back of my makeup.

 I hope you like this simple decorating/embellishing tutorial. I hope you make one of these yourself.



Sapphira said...

I never thought of storing make-up this way, but it's such a cute idea I want to try it!

jiru said...

So cute and creative!


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