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Book 9 of 50

Hello Lovelies~

  I just finished 'Flawless', the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series. It was a good book, but I was unsatisfied with it in general, But! It was a typical follow up book. Like a second movie in a three - peat. Good, but not great.

There was a lot less Brand Dropping in this book, which I liked. It seemed like Shepard smoothed out her writing style and I am looking forward to reading how it further evolves in 'Perfect', the third PLL book.

 I have come to find the BEST part about reading these books is that they are amazing for gossip! Even is the gossip is about made up characters. ^_~*



 In this book we find Aria getting together with Sean, Hanna's ex boyfriend. She is also finds out that her father is once more cheating on her mother with the same girl, a once student turned teacher at the college he teaches at, that he was seeing before Alison's disappearance and the Montgomery family moved to Iceland.

Upon getting a message from A, Aria goes to confront the girl at her yoga studio only to find that Spencer is a student of hers. After running away from the confrontation, Aria gets tipsy enough to be brave and she has Sean take her to the girl's apartment, because that always goes SO well. After being told in no uncertain terms that the girl doesn't plan to stop seeing her father, because they are in love.

 Aria then gets another message from A informing her she has a deadline to tell her mother about the affair or A will.

Do you think Aria told her mother? Or did she miss her deadline?

 Spencer get's together with her sister's ex fiancé, Wren, who she is not supposed to be seeing at ALL, but still manages to sleep with him after finding out her parents have cut off her credit cards for kissing the guy! But after she excepts an invitation to 'Foxy', a local charity event, from a classmate of hers, her family forgives her and it seems all is well....or is it?

Spencer is over stressed from all of her class work, the stress of turning in her assignments early to impress her teachers, dating Wren, and the mess that in her home life, so to reduce a bit of that stress, she steals one of her sister's papers from the file sharing program her family has their computers linked too. Not a smart move for a paper that wasn't even due yet...(Just my opinion)

The night of 'Foxy', Spencer receives a message that give the indication that Wren is in danger. So being the typical stressed out mess that she is on the inside, she calls over and over and over. She get's him and manages to talk to him while at the dance, but her date over hears her and there are hurt feelings all around.

The next day, she calls Wren again and finds out that he's seeing someone else and he doesn't think she's mature enough to handle an 'Adult Relationship'.

 After confessing to still seeing Wren to her sister, Spencer finds out that Melissa already knew and is the 'Someone Else' he was seeing, two days after sleeping with Spender, which just happened to be a week after he'd broken up with Melissa for kissing Spencer to begin with....And it turns out that Melissa is done with him as well.

Talk about an 'If I can't have him no one can' type mentality.

As for Hanna, well poor Hanna doesn't have as much drama as the other girls. Sure she has to work at Sean's family's burn clinic to pay off the damage for the car she wrecked and she steals drugs from an open cabinet which gets her in trouble latter. Then at one point she thinks her and Sean might get back together, but chooses to go to the city with her father on the night of 'Foxy', a dance she and Sean were going to go to together.

 What she thought was going to be just her and her father turns out to be Her, her father, her father's fiancé, Isobel, and Isobel's daughter Kate, who hates Hanna and doesn't want her in her perfect little families life at all.

Hanna receives a message from A telling her that Sean is at 'Foxy' with another girl and she better hurry if she wants to catch him in the act and Kate tells her to go, she has her covered and while she's at it, can Kate have a few of the drugs she sees in Hanna's purse.

 Hanna leaves the restaurant with her dad to rush back to Rosewood to confront Sean and his date who just happens to be......Aria! There is yelling, screaming, name calling, and all that before the big A drama of the book can go down!

 Emily is still having feelings for Mia St. Germaine, but doesn't want to deal with them, so when Toby Cavanagh, an old not friend who went to Juvie for aiming a firework at his sister and blinding her, turns up at the Rosewood Day vs. Tate swim meet as the Tate's team captain, she develops a bit of a mild, 'I should like boys and he likes me' crush on him. She asks him to go to 'Foxy' with her after she receives free tickets for being the swim team captain for Rosewood Day.

At the dance, Emily is confronted with Mia, who says she'll wait for Emily as long as it takes, and with her ex boyfriend, Ben, who tries to get her to 'prove' that she's not gay by grabbing at her and kissing her and trying to assault her, but Toby stops him and they leave to party, neither one feeling that comfortable with the company.

 While driving her home, Toby tells Emily that he hated Alison and he's glad she's dead. Emily get's scared that he might be A, after she tells him she knows what he did, accusing him of killing Ali, but Toby thinks she is accusing him of something else.

Emily manages to get out of the car and runs all the way home, through a corn field and the forest that happen to border her back yard, where she locks all of her doors and refuses to open her patio doors when Toby tries to get her to open them, even if just to give her purse back, or so he claims.

Well, while Emily and Toby have left the party, Spencer has rounded up the other girls and is convinced that Toby is A and he is trying to get back at them for their involvement with what happened to his sister Jenna. (Seems Toby wasn't the one that shot at Jenna after all).

 The girls run all over and call Emily a ton, but seeing as Emily left her phone in her purse, which got left in Toby's car when she jumped out, she doesn't get the calls which scare the girls even more.

Spencer goes to check for Emily at her house, Aria heads home to talk to her mom, and Hanna travels all the way back to the city to get back to her family.

 More drama happens, just a bit, but key stuff, and someone is dies.

 O.O....yeah, you read right.

Want to know who? Read the book! I left out a lot of good information that makes the book well worth reading.

It's a slow read, but sets up the next book well. I am really looking forward to getting it.


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