Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend run down and Outfit Post 4-6-13

Hello Lovelies~

 Over the weekend I had the pleasure to attend a very good friends wedding. It was beautiful and touching and a fantastic mix of Classic and Geeky. The classic elements were the beautiful mixture of Red, White, and Black and the Geeky element was the Mario theme!

Oh yes. Mario.

 Actually it was more of a Mario Kart theme, but apples and oranges.

It was wonderful to see old friends, dance with old friends, and talk about video games for hours with people in sexy snazzy suits!

 I Para'd to Night of Fire, did Caramelldansen (The full Para version...or what we could remember of it ^_^), and Gallop Stepped my way though Gangnam Style! It was a blast and a half!!!

While I won't be posting pictures of the Wedding itself or of the dancing, even though we were epic about it, I do have pictures of the wedding favors and my outfit for the evening.

The cake topper was SO cute! On the back, on the license plate, is the phrase 'Just Married' but I wasn't able to get a picture of it due to the glare from the window.

The cake itself was a work of geeky art! The coins and blocks were made with fondant and the rest was buttercream. Each layer was a delicious different flavor. From Top to bottom (Not including the very top tier which is traditionally saved for the bride and groom on the first anniversary)  Marble Fudge, Chocolate with a Raspberry middle (I tasted like it, but I tried all three so I can't be absolutely sure on this) , and a Vanilla with a Raspberry middle.

 I kid you not, all three layers were amazing!

This was the table set up. So cute with the Mario and Peach boxes. Each one was filled with gold coins and there were coin on the table as well. That was a really nice touch.

I even took a pair home to remember the event.

Now, pictures of my outfit and make up.

 My eye liner didn't photograph well unless up close. So first, the eye liner.

I left my hair down and wore my BTSSB head round to complete the outfit.

Of which I have a picture of here.

Outfit Run Down

 JSK: Baby the Star Shine Bright
 Head Round: Baby the Star Shine Bright
 Tights: Holly's Tea Time
 Shoes: Jelly Pop

This is a bonus picture of me and my mum.

 Thanks for reading!

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