Friday, April 5, 2013

Outfit Post : 4-4-2013

Hello Lovelies~

 This year I want to try and do more outfit posts. Whether I'm my regular frilly self or if I'm having an extreme princess day or in casual clothes for a job interview, I'm going to try and take pictures of the outfits I wear.

I think it will help me mix up my cords and not get stuck in a clothing rut.

 Today I went out to an interview before going to work, so this was my outfit and makeup.

Not a crazy outfit, it was a job interview after all, just a plain black top with a cute ruffle detail on the front and a plaid skirt I've had for just about ever.

 If any of you saw my  On The Go Makeup tutorial, you'll recognize the look I did to go with this outfit.

With needing to go to work after the interview, I decided a light, neutral make up look was best.

 So there it is. Not wild or crazy or frilly or very me, but nice. Maybe next time I'll do something a bit more funky ^_^


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