Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Un-Lolita Confessions

Hello Lovelies~

   This week has been a rollercoaster for me, Up one minute, Down the next, and just when you think you've leveled out, there is a sharp zag to the right! So I am so very happy to be doing this post.

I often think I'm not Lolita enough due to how much I consider 'Un-Lolita' about me, so I do my best to be even more frilly, and then I just over stress myself.

So this post topic allows me to breathe, take a step back, and take some of the weight off of my shoulders. (Even if the weight is imagined....).

It almost makes me uncomfortable to admit this to all of you, but I am HIGHLY unorganized! My room often has clothes on the floor, not my pretty dresses or anything but rather t-shirts and lounge pants and stuff. And the clothes that are clean are often in the laundry baskets I take them down stairs in. Folding clothes is a chore!!! I hate it, so I tend to just leave them be.

 I stack my books vertically, so I have various towers of teetering literature threatening to fall over if breathed on wrong. I shop a lot, but often forget to unpack what I shopped for. If it isn't un packed within a week, I tend to leave it in the bag so I don't forget where whatever it is IS for when I have need of it.

On top of that rather embarrassing confession, I have another, since I'm coming clean about what I feel is Un-Lolita about myself.

 I am horribly forgetful. Seems normal right? Everyone forgets something at some point. But for me, it's a bad cycle.

I have anxiety issues despite my bright and out going personality, so when I forget to do something I say I will, even something small like mail a letter, I worry about it. Over and over and over until it becomes this big thing, when really it's a small thing most people shrug off.

 I have stacks of letters I've written that I've never sent because by the time I remember to send them, the information in them is old and to keep things current, I'd need to write a new one. It's a bad cycle that I've been trying to break for years.

Add to that that my room where is boring and consists of band and geek t-shirts and lounge pants rather than adorable fuzzy shorts or knee high slippers (Which I am totally trying to make a pair of!), and you now know all of my most Un-Lolita truths.

 So my lovelies, now you know my dark secrets. And while I don't feel that these things make 'Everyone' un-Lolita if you happen to be messy or like your band t's rather than a frilly dress to hang about in, these are strictly my feelings on Me.

Thanks for reading!

Do you have any dark secrets you worry about letting the world know? You don't have to tell, but know it's ok to have them and while they may seem huge to you, they really aren't that bad.

 Nothing makes you less of a Lolita unless you let it.

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Radioactive Unicorn said...

"I'm unorganized" - I know that feeling. XD *gives a five*


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