Thursday, January 10, 2013

Product Reveiw: Etude House Missing U Hand Cream

Hello Lovelies~

 This is my first real post of 2013 and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update, but my computer is currently down for the count and I am borrowing my mum's until I can figure out why my baby won't turn on anymore....


 The other day I received a package from my favorite online beauty supplier,, and I am sad that I can't upload pictures right now, but Here is the link to the adorable new hand cream I got!

Missing U Hand Cream by Etude House.

 If you clicked on the link and can see the cute little owls, then the one I purchased was the light green Kakapo which is filled with Sweet Apple scented lotion.

First let me say.....oh my lord! This owl is SO cute!!!! it fits in the palm of my hand and as odd as this may say, it make me want to cuddle it all the time! ...>.>....ok. So other than that, back to the serious business of this review.

 This hand cream has many good and less than good points. Nothing bad, per say, but just not so good. First, let's cover the good points.

The Good~

* The cute packaging

  ~* Not only is the owl itself cute, but it comes in a little house shaped box with a tree on the front so it looks like that owl is sitting on a tree branch.

* It smells like Fresh Picked Apples.

 ~* I love the smell of fresh apples verses the smell of apple candy. So this was something I didn't know before I got it, so it was a gamble on my part and I was pleased how it paid off.

* Price for what you get.

 ~* The description doesn't say how much of the product you are actually getting, so I figured I'd be paying $9.99 for mainly packaging, but I was surprised to discover how much hand cream I actually received.

* Non Greasy!!!

 ~* I'm not sure if any of you lovelies have this issue, but I hate the slick, sticky, too much lotion, feel I get after I use some brands, but I like the fact that the Missing U Hand Cream is light weight and absorbs after only a moment of rubbing it in.

* My hands are really soft.

 ~* This is both a pro and a con actually. While it's true my hands are not drying out as fast as they were before I started using this cream, they are not getting any softer, which is something I look for in a moisturiser, but it's still doing a wonderful job at keeping my hands looking beautiful.

* Eco Friendly

 ~* Is one of your resolutions to be a little more 'Green' this year? To help protect the wild animals that are slowly disappearing due to humans encroaching on their habitats? To reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that you put into and onto your body?  Well then this is the perfect product for you!

This cute hand cream is packaged in a 100% recycled box, gives a percentage of proceeds to help save the endangered owls, and is parabens, sulfate, ethanol, and Mineral Oil free!

The Missing U Hand Cream is made with Shea Butter and Herbal Water, that's it.

 But with the good come the not so good....

The Not So Good~

* The scent doesn't last.

 ~* It's a sad truth, but the lovely apple smell lasts for a very short time before turning a bit darker as the hands heat the lotion and eventually disappears all together after minuets or so. (Yes, I timed it.)

That's it.

 See? Not bad at all, lol.

I really really like this product and will be collecting the other adorable owl friends as I get the money too.

 So here is the break down Lovelies....Out of 5

Shipping : 4-5 Not bad. For Economy shipping to Nebraska it's about....$8 or so. And I usually receive my order by the end of the week.

Price : 5-5 $9.99 for a Cute Eco-Friendly hand cream?? I'm all for that. There was no guilt over spending the money.

Quality : 4-5 I wish the apple smell lasted longer, but other than that I am very pleased the the quality of this product.

RESULTS : I totally recommend this hand cream. I am really liking it and a little goes a long way, which is a very nice thing indeed, especially when one is on a budget.

 Thanks for reading!!!

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