Friday, January 18, 2013

LBC: If I had a Lolita Themed Cafe......

Hello Lovelies~

 It's been a while since I've participated in a LBC challenge, but this weeks theme was to intriguing to pass up!

If I Had a Lolita Themed Cafe.....

Isn't it delicious? We've all thought about it at one point or other, whether it be when passing an empty store front and thinking, 'Wouldn't this make a quaint little tea shop?', or when browsing though a local antiques shop and you pass an old table with scalloped edges and the thought of covering that large scratch in the middle with a lace doily and a tea service for two amongst the books and brick-a-brack is so over whelming you can almost smell the wafting aroma of Earl Grey, at some point or another we all think about it.

 The theme, the menu, Will I serve cake or chocolate croissants with afternoon tea? Sweet? Classic? Gothic? Guro...?!

These questions boggle my mind sometimes and to be honest with all of you, my lovely readers, I can't choose!

 They are all fun choices! But for the sake of this post, we shall go with a sweet theme.

If I were to have a Sweet Cafe I think I would call it, 'Butterfly Kisses'. In my mind....the walls would be painted a soft ballet slipper pink, the floors would be a soft grass green, and the ceiling would have blue chiffon draped to the four corners of the room to signify the sky. I would hang cloud lanterns all over and have flower garlands wrapped around the legs and back of the chairs.

  My menu would include things like Honey Lavender Ice cream decorated with a ring of edible flowers. Scones with Orange Zest, served with Wild Orange Blossom Honey and Honey Butter. Toast points and Tea, where the toast looks like butterfly wings and the tea would taste like flowers or fruit, all served in flower shaped tea cups.

Elegant, Sweet, a little classic all at the same time.... this would be my shop and maybe one day I'll actually open it ^_^

 Thanks for reading!

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Caro Dee said...

Yesss! I've thought of this so many times! The ice creams you describe sound amazing!

Hello Batty said...

I love the name you came up with! <3 I would love to see a logo design.


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