Friday, November 23, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival : 5 Themed Meet Ups

Hello Lovelies~

 I love hosting meet up, so this weeks LBC topic was right up my alley. '5 Themed Lolita Meetups'! Let's get right into it.

                                                       Teddy bear Picnic

How much fun would this be? Perfect for the late spring, early summer, or early fall, This meet up would be great for Lolitas who love plushies or who have Little Lolis ( children of Lolita).

 Everyone brings a favorite dish, a teddy bear, and a blanket. Then it's like a giant potluck with games and stories and pictures.

A fun way to make this meet up even more fun would be to have everyone try to incorporate a bear aspect to their outfit, Like a teddy bear ear hair styles or cute paw prints on their stockings.

                                             Under the Sea Tour and Luncheon

  I remember when I was little that 'The Little Mermaid' was one of my favorite movies. I've read the original book a dozen or so times and to this day, the most relaxing and magical place for me is an Aquarium.

Starfish, sharks, jellyfish, fish, creatures of the sea all in one place to see and marvel over. Wouldn't it be fun to dress in your favorite Mermaid inspired outfit with pearls and charms in aqua or teal, white chiffon that reminds one of sea foam....nails decorated with gold chains or marbled to look like the sea.

 Lunch after a tour of the Aquarium would be a light spread of delicacies of the fish like variety or sushi!

                                                       Secret Agent Loli

Dun dun dundundun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunana....dunana..dun dun~! That's right! You read that right! Or...that's how it plays in my mind...

 An afternoon of laser tag and the latest action movie out in theaters. Black and white are the colors of the meet. Mix the two together or show your true colors. Do you always want to save the day? or do you tend to be the 'One Million Dollars' type?

Do gooders in Black, Baddies in White. Mix it up or surprise everyone and be a double agent!

 A fun game to play during laser tag would be Telephone. One person has a the beginning line, and the first person they run into through the maze, they pass the line on, then that person passes the line onto the next person they run into and so on and so forth until the game ends. Then The winner gets to say the line out loud. No win, no loss, just fun!

                                                      Up in the Air

Go to a Hot Air Balloon Rally. The colors, the grandeur, the colors...did I say that twice? Lol I love hot air balloons. At the Rallys you can see more than 100 balloons, all with different designs, take flight and brighten the sky.

 Sometimes you can even find someone willing to give balloon rides! Gather your frilly friends and a corndog from a quickly set up booth and enjoy the magnificent site.

                                                    A Vintage Treasure Hunt

You know that thrill you get when you find an old Merry-Go-Round? or the tingle that runs though you when you find a wooden roller coaster? Why not map out all of the older amusement attractions in your area and send the coordinates to your girls via picture mail.

 Have them take pictures in each location to prove they were there, then rendezvous with them at the next location.

This meet up requires two hosts. and two groups of girls. One group will get to the next location and send the picture and the second. At the next location, you and your co-host switch groups and you get to lead the girls to the next location.

At the end of the day both groups meet for dinner or tea and everyone gets to share pictures and stories from their day.

This meet can also be done with antique stores or local tourism spots in your city.

 So those are my meet up ideas. I hope you liked them and give one of them a try. Thanks for reading!!!

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Hello Batty said...

I love all the themes! We have done the teddy bear picnic before here in AZ it was so cute. I want to do lazer tag in lolita so bad to see how different prints glow under blacklight.Sadly though Phoenix is such a new city it's hard to find anything old and cool. ;w; And, we only have one really small really expensive aquarium. Hopefully I can go to an out of state meetup like one of these though!

Beyond Kawaii said...

I'd love to ride in an air balloon one day, but I'm just too terrified of heights. >_< All your theme ideas are really cute.


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