Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creative Friends

Hello Lovelies~

 We all have amazing friends. My friends make their own cosplays, bake delicious sweet treats, and even make their own jewelery!

The friend I want to introduce ya'll to today is one of my oldest friends. She is absolutely incredible! Not only does she ride both side saddle and astride, she travels all over the world, and even makes her own clothes!

Look at the dress! She made this, I was so blown away that I had to show all of you!

She actually did the embroidery and floral cut outs herself. I want her to make me a dress like this ^_^ It's so adorable!

Not only did she make her dress, she also crochets and her afghans are......breath taking to behold.

                    Yes....she made these. My favorite is the pink one!

She has her own Etsy shop, go check it out, this girl is exceptional!


It stands for  'A Spur of Inspiration and Imagination'.

I'm lucky to know this brilliant and inspiring girl. I hope we stay friends for a long long time.



Alexandriaweb said...

Pretty dress :)

KellyMarie said...

Forever Kat :D We'll be friends forever! Love ya and thank you!


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