Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Dress~ Two ways to wear...

Hello Lovelies~

 I recently went shopping the other day and it seems that Big Bold prints are in for the spring, but those prints don't tend to look good on me, so I had almost given up until I walked into my local Layne Bryant.

I swear I found a holy grail dress. Good cut and great print! It is not Lolita looking, In fact it is very Gyaru! Not my normal style, but there is nothing wrong with having a few fun peices in your wardrobe for spice ^_~

 So here is the dress...

Black and purple are always a great combonation! It's a light weight t-shirt material. I origanially was only going to wear it around the house as room wear, but it's so cute! I couldn't not let it be seen, it had to be shared with the world.

A close up of the print...

 And now a picture of the dress as plain room wear~

It's really comfortable! But to cute no to wear everywhere, so today I worked on it and finally found the just right look!

I felt SO Gyaru, I kid you not ~*(^_^)*~

It looks like a found a new summer dress ^_^ I am so excited! My summer is shapeing up to be totally cute!

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