Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's good to have options!

Hello Lovelies~

 For the longest time we have had very limited options to safely sell our frills. We could either jump though the high hoops that the EGL sales comms set, not that I don't love the sales comm. It's well worth the hoops, don't get me wrong, their standards keep the comm running smoothly. We could turn to ebay, which is never the better option, or we could try the old fashioned word of mouth trick... But now we have another choice!

Introducing, 'FrillsRus', An auction site created for Lolita, by Lolita!


'FrillsRus' promises to be a user friendly, safe, site for all of your frilly selling needs!

 I've registered under the user name, 'Angelshinigami', and I hope to see ya'll there.  ^_^

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